The Pied Piper (12/29/14)

It’s the day after Christmas 2019. I am usually a thankful person, but I get especially grateful this time of year. For me, the bonds of Calvary Temple were broken, and I was free again 12 years ago just a few weeks before Christmas 2007. Sometimes I still shake my head and wonder about my … Continue reading The Pied Piper (12/29/14)

Special MCTTBC Edition: Chassadi’s Plea

I am shaking as I sit down to write an introduction for this special MCTTBC Edition...I want to say the right thing. This is important. This is about a young woman's life. A life that has been irrevocably changed by a predator. A man that she thought that she could trust. Her uncle. Instead, this … Continue reading Special MCTTBC Edition: Chassadi’s Plea

Guests Speak – Special Guest: Michael Foster, End Cults Now

I have highlighted a few Calvary Temple blogs here on My Calvary Temple Tactics Blog Commentary (MCTTBC) blog. But, I don't think that I have highlighted the videos of Michael Foster, a fellow ex-CTer who is a victim, a survivor, and a fellow warrior who, like me, works to Expose Calvary Temple. He has created … Continue reading Guests Speak – Special Guest: Michael Foster, End Cults Now

Pride Goes Before a Fall (12/26/14)

This is one of those Tactics of Calvary Temple posts that one would think should be self-explanatory. I mean, don’t you think that the author him or herself believes this? There is a video link followed by three Scripture references from 1 Corinithians. Nothing else. We should all get Tactics’ point or message then, shouldn’t … Continue reading Pride Goes Before a Fall (12/26/14)

The Great Pretenders (12/22/14)

The specifics of this December 22, 2014, Tactics’ post, The Great Pretenders, will either find you in disbelief, or shaking your head at the awfulness of it. As I am finding more often than not in Tactics blog posts from the early years, the YouTube link is now defunct. But, if my memory serves me … Continue reading The Great Pretenders (12/22/14)

The Bully (11/28/14)

I felt that this commentary to Tactics’ The Bully, had to come fairly close on the heals of Good Cop/Bad Cop. Different content…sorta…but the intent is the same: Expose cowardly Bob Scott for the bully he really is. Fear is one of Bob Scott’s most successful tactics. He twists the Word of God to keep the … Continue reading The Bully (11/28/14)

Good Cop/Bad Cop (11/25/14)

After a small hiatus, I have been chomping at the bit to comment on this November 25, 2014, post from Tactics, Good Cop/Bad Cop. So thankful that the video is still up for viewing - and view it, you must. While animated, the piece does give a fairly accurate glimpse into the workings of Bad … Continue reading Good Cop/Bad Cop (11/25/14)