Silence is Golden (01/28/15)

Good morning, all. So much is going on in the world right now, namely the Corona Virus or COVID-19. Whole countries have shut down, and are suffering. People are not listening to the experts and panicking, divesting stores of anything and everything, right down to the last roll of toilet paper. But, despite all of … Continue reading Silence is Golden (01/28/15)

Come Home? (01/19/15)

Has it really been five (5) years since this Tactics’ blog post came out? Five years since Calvary Temple cult leader Star (Bob) Scott seemed to do an about-face reaching out to certain people who had not too long ago been considered persona non grata? Whole family units previously “marked” by the “man of God” … Continue reading Come Home? (01/19/15)

Why Bother? (01/12/15)

Well, we’re getting to the point in my commentaries where I know that I’ve written them in real time. In other words, I began to write a commentary about Tactics’ posts within minutes, hours, or days of the piece being published, and then I published. On Facebook. Where finding anything, including previous posts, in the … Continue reading Why Bother? (01/12/15)

Yet Breathing Out Threatenings…(Acts 9:1,13,14) (1/10/15)

Happy New Year! Can you believe that it is 2020?  Another decade goes into the record books. Perhaps this is the year that Bob Scott, and everything notorious within Calvary Temple, will be brought to Light. Tactics wrote this blog post five years ago, Yet Breathing Out Threatenings...(Acts 9:1,13,14), using the pre-conversion Saul of Tarsus, … Continue reading Yet Breathing Out Threatenings…(Acts 9:1,13,14) (1/10/15)

The Pied Piper (12/29/14)

It’s the day after Christmas 2019. I am usually a thankful person, but I get especially grateful this time of year. For me, the bonds of Calvary Temple were broken, and I was free again 12 years ago just a few weeks before Christmas 2007. Sometimes I still shake my head and wonder about my … Continue reading The Pied Piper (12/29/14)

Special MCTTBC Edition: Chassadi’s Plea

I am shaking as I sit down to write an introduction for this special MCTTBC Edition...I want to say the right thing. This is important. This is about a young woman's life. A life that has been irrevocably changed by a predator. A man that she thought that she could trust. Her uncle. Instead, this … Continue reading Special MCTTBC Edition: Chassadi’s Plea

Guests Speak – Special Guest: Michael Foster, End Cults Now

I have highlighted a few Calvary Temple blogs here on My Calvary Temple Tactics Blog Commentary (MCTTBC) blog. But, I don't think that I have highlighted the videos of Michael Foster, a fellow ex-CTer who is a victim, a survivor, and a fellow warrior who, like me, works to Expose Calvary Temple. He has created … Continue reading Guests Speak – Special Guest: Michael Foster, End Cults Now

Pride Goes Before a Fall (12/26/14)

This is one of those Tactics of Calvary Temple posts that one would think should be self-explanatory. I mean, don’t you think that the author him or herself believes this? There is a video link followed by three Scripture references from 1 Corinithians. Nothing else. We should all get Tactics’ point or message then, shouldn’t … Continue reading Pride Goes Before a Fall (12/26/14)

The Great Pretenders (12/22/14)

The specifics of this December 22, 2014, Tactics’ post, The Great Pretenders, will either find you in disbelief, or shaking your head at the awfulness of it. As I am finding more often than not in Tactics blog posts from the early years, the YouTube link is now defunct. But, if my memory serves me … Continue reading The Great Pretenders (12/22/14)

The Bully (11/28/14)

I felt that this commentary to Tactics’ The Bully, had to come fairly close on the heals of Good Cop/Bad Cop. Different content…sorta…but the intent is the same: Expose cowardly Bob Scott for the bully he really is. Fear is one of Bob Scott’s most successful tactics. He twists the Word of God to keep the … Continue reading The Bully (11/28/14)