New Guests Speak

September 2, 2017:

Leaving Calvary Temple’s (LCT) latest blog post is a “must read” for anyone and everyone who wants to #exposecalvarytemple. This post is yet another example of the putrid, accusatory, blasphemous words that spew out of False Shepherd Bob Scott’s mouth.

LCT opens this way: “The following statements were recently made by Star Scott during a teaching he calls The God of This World.  Mr Scott has a rebuke for all who dare to ask God the question “why?””, and includes the link to the audio. Be warned, if you do choose to listen, you will want to vomit, of that I am sure.

If you decide to opt out of listening to the Wolf speak, be sure to read LCT’s post by clicking on the following link.

MCTTBC New Guests Speak: LCT – He Said That? Pt. 4


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