They Went Out From Us, Because They Were Not Of Us (1 John 2:19) (10/27/14)

I was preparing to write a blog post on my research for the 1 John 2:19 Scripture passage used and abused by Calvary Temple cult leader Star R Scott; however, after much consideration, I’ve decided to let Tactics’ post stand as is. Why? Because the fact of the matter is that wolf Bob Scott never uses God’s Word as God intended. He has always used Scripture to lie, manipulate, cheat, control, connive, and destroy lives. An in-depth study isn’t always necessary for Truth. Bob Scott’s track record speaks for itself.

They Went Out From Us, Because They Were Not Of Us (1 John 2:19)

Tactics writes:

This statement is used to describe and foster the illusion that those pastor has forced out are somehow responsible for the abandonment of their own families. He is using Scripture once again, to camouflage evil deeds of destruction. He is lying about the real reason people have left Calvary.

Some examples:

  1. Young lady. Lie: left her parents and family to pursue the world. Truth: was put out of her home, locked out.
  2. Wife/mother. Lie: left her family. Truth: she was told if she did not go, her children would have to stay with others in the church.
  3. Young couple. Lie: left their parents. Truth: were kicked out of the parent’s home in the middle of the night.
  4. Older couple. Lie: left Calvary Temple and all their friends. Truth: left after being given an order to cast out wife and daughter.
  5. Older couple. Lie: left Calvary Temple and friends. Truth: were told to leave after refusing to cut off their son, followed by attempts by our pastor to steal the hearts of their children.
  6. Older couple. Lie: left their four children. Truth: mom was kicked out of home on Christmas Day. Dad was kicked out of church shortly after for not being born again.
  7. Young man. Lie: left his wife and kids. Truth: he asked wife to go with him to another church for help. Pastor told her to leave him.
  8. Young man. Lie: left his wife and kids. Truth: his wife was told to leave him, so she moved out.
  9. Older man. Lie: left his wife and son. Truth: pastor told his wife to leave him and cut him off for questioning leadership.

Please note that Tactics writes, “some examples,” meaning that this is by no means an exhaustive list. There are countless more stories that both Tactics and I could share, but I believe that you get the point.


The fact is, Bob Scott is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. He only knows how to do two things:

Devour and Destroy.


Stay away from Calvary Temple located in Sterling, VA. I also want to remind everyone that Bob Scott and his poisonous ways exist in other locations, too. While Richard Miller’s and Tony Wozniak’s cults are not officially affiliated with Bob Scott and Calvary Temple, do not let that fool you. Their teachings are toxic just the same.

  1. Chantilly, VA (Wolf Jr Richard Miller)
  2. Gambrills, MD (Little Wolf Jim LaRock)
  3. South Buffalo, NY (Big Wolf Tony Wozniak)
  4. Kenya, Africa (Co-Wolves Forbe Carlson and Rob Hendrickson)

There used to be at least six more locations…all gone now! Thank God that the majority no longer exists! In fact, Bob Scott’s attempt to open a satellite location in Winchester, VA never truly got off the ground and the project was seemingly abandoned in 2015. If only these last five would close. I believe that not only will they close, but Bob Scott will finally pay his dues…in God’s perfect timing.

In the meantime, remember that there are good churches out there. But before attending, do a simple Google search. Google Calvary Temple, Sterling, VA and see the plethora of bad press and heartbreaking personal stories. Check out my VIP LINKS and VIP DOCS pages. More than enough evidence exists to prove that Calvary Temple is not a safe place for you or your family.

Don’t forget that members of Calvary Temple are still part of an active investigation by the Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office into child sexual abuse. There was one arrest in 2018 with the court case pending for the spring of 2019.

Please, please, please…stay far far far away from any and all things pertaining to Calvary Temple.

Four Models for Understanding the Meaning of the Bible. 1. The Proof-text Model. Insofar as it ignores context, it is inadequate; at its worst, it tends to treat the Bible as if it were no more than an anthology of sayings for every occasion. It may disregard the purpose for which the text was written, the historical conditioning in which it is set, and the genre conventions that shaped it. Consequently, the method is vulnerable to all kinds of quick-and-easy adjustments of the scriptural words to say what one wishes them to say in the contemporary setting, ignoring their intended purpose and usage as determined by context, grammar, and historical background.

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