Pride Goes Before a Fall (12/26/14)

This is one of those Tactics of Calvary Temple posts that one would think should be self-explanatory. I mean, don’t you think that the author him or herself believes this? There is a video link followed by three Scripture references from 1 Corinithians. Nothing else. We should all get Tactics’ point or message then, shouldn’t we?

Pride Goes Before a Fall

Take the video. It’s an old Jerry Lewis and Dean Martin movie clip where Jerry Lewis plays the bumbling idiot, as usual. He’s in a boxing match with no experience, no muscle, no brawn, and no brain. He fumbles, he runs, he plays the fool…yet wins the fight.

Tactics usually posts Scripture, but this time offers no explanation. No critique. No monologue. We are left to fend for ourselves. In light of the 1 Corinthians passages, what is Tactics trying to say to us?

The problem that I’ve always had with Tactics using this particular method in his/her blog posts is that, unfortunately, not everyone interprets Bible verses the same. Even the most studied Bible scholars can disagree from one verse to another. And most egregious of all, humans throughout history have taken the Word of God, twisted or tweaked it – just a bit – and have used it for their own selfish purposes; for their own gain, destroying millions of lives along the way.

Star Robert “Bob” Scott, leader of Calvary Temple located in Sterling, VA, has for decades, abused Scripture for his own prideful purposes.

This is what I believe Tactics is trying to say in this day-after-Christmas post from 2014:

Tactics is saying that Bob Scott thinks that he is smarter than everyone, and hides behind God’s Word. But, guess what, Bob? Tactics and I both say that, even in His supposed foolishness or weakness, God will always be wiser, smarter, better, and mightier than you’ll ever be. You think that you have everyone fooled, Bob, but you haven’t.

Jerry Lewis and Dean Martin? They are funny.

Bob Scott? You are not.

While I do not believe that you think that you are funny, Bob, I do believe that you think that you are smarter than God. I do believe that you think that you have gotten away with molesting under-aged girls, and possibly boys, for the past 40 years, AND that you have condoned and covered up others’ similar actions who are within your inner circle. That you can steal from people to fund your over-the-top and lavish lifestyle. That you can defame, besmirch, gossip, and lie about people from your faux pulpit. That you can tear marriages, families, and people’s lives apart, destroying everything that they love, with just the wave of your hand. That you can create a new website for your cult and write your own history that you think will have everyone believe you and consequently flock to your compound in Sterling. More victims. Fresh meat for you to dally with.


And the lies will continue. And the money will keep coming in going straight to your private coffers. And the lives will continue to fall and be devastated, trampling them beneath your feet as you move from victim to victim.

But – I’ve said it before and I will keep saying it. You, Bob Scott, will be entrapped by your own words. You will be exposed by your own actions for the false shepherd you are.

Just how long do you think that you can keep this up? Bigger and better men than you have fallen mightily, haven’t they? You can name them off yourself.

It isn’t too late, Bob Scott. You can be the “man of God” that you claim to be, and turn yourself into the authorities. Turn yourself into the Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office. Tell them what you’ve done. Tell them who you’ve molested, harmed, destroyed. Tell the California authorities about what you did more than 40 years ago to your young nieces.

Go on. Tell them.

Turn yourself in, Bob.

Otherwise, Pride does indeed, Go Before a Fall.

Oh, and by the way, “pride goes before a fall,” is a paraphrase from Proverbs 16:18: Pride goes before destruction, a haughty spirit before a fall.

Either way, Bob…you’re going down. Not my words; God’s Word.


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