The Great Pretenders (12/22/14)

The specifics of this December 22, 2014, Tactics’ post, The Great Pretenders, will either find you in disbelief, or shaking your head at the awfulness of it.

As I am finding more often than not in Tactics blog posts from the early years, the YouTube link is now defunct. But, if my memory serves me correctly, the link was to a video of The Platters performing the song entitled, The Great Pretender. This link works. And the lyrics are perfect to help depict the astounding and atrocious activities that Tactics shares from 2014, and are still going on in 2019.

Tactics writes:

Most of us here at Calvary Temple are pretenders. We learn early on to mask our real feelings. Truthfulness could land us on the street. All of us have lost someone because they would not play the game pastor has invented. A game that has little to do with God or the Bible. We are trying to survive in a world where sooner or later we all end up losing.

  • Children – pretending to love teachers, coaches, pastors who they know will put them on the street in a moment.
  • Wives – pretending to obey and agree with husbands who will kick them out of their own home if they don’t.
  • Husbands – pretending to obey and agree with pastor because if they don’t, their families will be told to leave them.

Yeah. Great place, isn’t it?

In December 2014, Tactics was just getting warmed up. During the first year of publishing (remember that Tactics’ first post was December 2013) his/her Tactics of Calvary Temple blog, Tactics started out mild, short – and to a point, respectful of Bob Scott. But already toward the end of 2014, the exposing of Bob Scott as a wolf in sheep’s clothing and Calvary Temple as a false church and/or cult, is peaking out from underneath Tactics’ civility.

When you read through the bullet points, what are your first thoughts? Are you shocked? Do you believe that these things are actually happening in a so-called church? Or do you doubt Tactics? Do you doubt me? Do you doubt all of us?

Any thoughts that you might have had that we ex-CTers are just “bitter” and that we should just “get on with our lives” should be changing. If you still want to believe that Calvary Temple is a safe place for you and/or your children and your family, you should now be rethinking that.

Let me ask you another question: would you rather go into Calvary Temple blindly, or would you want someone to tell you the truth about the place you are about to entrust your life to; the people you are about to hand your children over to?

Believe me when I tell you, I wish that someone would have warned me. Unfortunately, the person who told me about Calvary Temple was already a tried and true CT member, and a trusted and long-time friend. I really didn’t stand a chance. Besides, back then there was no Internet. There were no Google searches.

Today, if you still go to Calvary Temple without conducting a single Google search, that’s kinda on you. I’m afraid that if you still go into that place, or even consider it after reading the many news articles, stories, personal testimonies…well, let’s just put it this way. We will all still be here for you, and we’ll try not to say, “I told you so,”…


I kinda just did. Consider yourself told.

Folks, STAY FAR AWAY FROM CALVARY TEMPLE. Unless becoming a Great Pretender seems attractive to you, living a dishonest and deceitful life is palatable or something that you desire, do NOT enter that awful, authoritative, fake, horrible, and totally abuse place located on Triple Seven Rd in Sterling, VA.

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