The Bully (11/28/14)

I felt that this commentary to Tactics’ The Bully, had to come fairly close on the heals of Good Cop/Bad Cop. Different content…sorta…but the intent is the same: Expose cowardly Bob Scott for the bully he really is.

Fear is one of Bob Scott’s most successful tactics. He twists the Word of God to keep the Bobites fearful and captive. While tragically manipulated, and spiritually deaf and blind, Bobites aren’t able discern that they are being bullied by a supposed “man of God.” The fear generated by this tactic is palpable.

When God began lifting the scales off of my eyes and I was starting to see exactly what was happening to me, my family, and to those around me, the fear was indescribable. Bob Scott would have me believe that if there was anything wrong with any situation or circumstance in my life, I was the one who was wrong; I was to blame.

See how those tactics work? If I am fearful of eternal damnation, and if I am trained to believe that there is sin in my heart and in my life, and that is the reason for everything going wrong…then Bob Scott can’t be blamed.



But guess what? God continued to open my eyes. And as I was seeing the truth of the lies and manipulation; the coercion and verbal bludgeoning; the bullying…I grew less fearful, and more determined to leave Calvary Temple.

When I left that place in December 2007, there was no looking back. I was free. And I was no longer scared.

Star Robert Scott is nothing more than a tiny little man who gets off on bullying people who trust and look up to him.

He is a coward. Period.

I liked this statement at the end of the video, The Truth About Bullying: “Don’t keep quiet about bullying. Your silence is their strength.”


If you have been hurt, harmed, manipulated, and abused by Bob Scott and others at Calvary Temple, please believe me when I tell you that you are not alone. If you have never spoken out about the abuse you suffered, please consider doing so. Bob Scott can only continue to bully, to harm, to lie, to steal, to abuse – IF he is allowed.

Please think about it. This must end. Now.

**You can email me privately. If you would like your story told, you can safely do it here, on this blog. My heart is with you. I understand completely.

#exposecalvarytemple #BobScottIsNothingButABully #BobIsACoward #ExposeHim #WeakenHimBySpeakingOut #ForSuchATimeAsThis #Ezekiel34

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