I did NOT do a very good job this year in warning the Sterling, VA community to avoid at all costs the “free” sports and cheerleading camps that take place every summer on the grounds of Calvary Temple, a known abusive cult. For that, I humbly apologize. I won’t make that same mistake next year.

So, I DO want to WARN the community about Calvary Temple’s bi-yearly “free” car show that will take place Saturday, August 19th, from 12:00 – 4:00 PM.


Just to give you a little background as to why I feel so passionately about warning the Sterling community and surrounding areas. Calvary Temple wasn’t always so “open” to the good people of Sterling. In fact, quite the opposite. Even to this day, non-Calvary Temple members are not permitted to visit the grounds, use the picnic tables and play ground, nor walk to the pond located on the property. There are “No Trespassing” signs posted. If Calvary Temple “henchmen” see strangers lurking, er, I mean simply using the beautiful grounds, pushing a stroller or having a little lunch by the pond, the men AND women will approach the interloper and ask them to leave. Hmmm…sound like a “church” to you?

In addition to this behavior, besides the monthly door-to-door evangelizing efforts to get the community to attend CT (which, if I am not mistaken, they don’t even do that anymore. Can anyone say, “Good!”?), Calvary Temple does NOTHING for the community. There is no outreach to the poor, the homeless, and widows. There is no Vacation Bible School, except for members only. Nothing. Nada.

It wasn’t until the 2009 investigation by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), Washington Post IRS Investigating Calvary Temple, that Calvary Temple began hosting “free” events. Here’s why: because Bob Scott is so rich…so rich, in fact, that he owns multiple homes, luxury jewelry and automobiles, takes multiple vacations every year, and owns show and race cars that only he and his trophy child wife are allowed to drive. Wow! Sound like a humble “shepherd/pastor” to you? Yet, he runs a “church” and takes full advantage of the “churches” tax exempt status. Furthermore, Bob Scott “owns” nothing; all tangibles are either held in the name of Calvary Temple Church or Bob Scott’s Corporation. Yes, he has a corporation/enterprise. Wow!

The IRS investigation was a very serious issue, one that almost landed Bob Scott in jail. Instead, he was merely fined (remember, Bob Scott is worth a lot of money. In my humble opinion, the IRS wanted some of it). When Bob Scott faced jail time – that’s how serious his offenses were/are – he was merely given a slap on the wrist. This fine, to Bob Scott, a man worth millions, meant nothing.

Hence, the beginning of the community free events. They had to make it look as if they were doing something as a church instead of Bob Scott consuming the riches upon himself. Calvary Temple began with the Finish the Race bi-annual car show. Then added the Friday Night Movie Night Under the Stars. Added next was the Children’s Easter Event, and the Summer Sports Camps.

This is all a ruse with a multi-purpose: 1) to fool the IRS, 2) make it look like they are giving back to the community, 3) Increase membership so that Bob Scott can further line his pockets, and 4) get to your children.

Please, in closing, PLEASE heed my warning and the warnings of my fellow standers: Calvary Temple is NOT a safe place for you or your children. Calvary Temple is currently being investigated by the Loudoun County Sherriff’s Office for child sexual abuse. DO A GOOGLE search prior to stepping foot on this property. For your sake, and for the sake of your family and your children, please stay far away from this place. Remember, nothing is ever really free. Attending these “free” events will cost you your life, and quite possibly you will lose your children and your family.

#exposecalvarytemple #NothingIsEverFree #DoNotAttendTheCarShowInAugust #CalvaryTempleIsNotASafePlace #ProtectYourFamily #LCSOActiveInvestigationAgainstCalvaryTemple


CT Warning Banner
Protest Sign Warning Sterling Community


  1. Thank you for continuing to warn the community surrounding Calvary Temple. People may feel its ok to attend these free events as they do not intend on joining the church. But by going to these events, they are giving approval to the terrible things Calvary Temple has done to individuals and families. Do not enter your car in an event that gives publicity to a very bad place and a very bad man.

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    1. Absolutely, exposecalvarytemple.com. Thank you so much for the work done by your site! Standing together to #exposecalvarytemple.


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