Leading the Children Astray – an Effective and Evil Tactic

Because early Tactics blog posts were clearer in point, in my opinion they were much easier to read, and for the general population, easier to understand. That does not mean that the truth of what Tactics writes about gets any easier to fathom. Nor does it mean that the psychological and spiritual abuse tactically and specifically aimed at the children and their families within Calvary Temple to control and manipulate, is any easier to stomach.

Tactics February 15 2015 Leading the Children Astray Tactic #1

Tactics begins this February 15, 2014, post by getting straight to point: “Calvary Temple knows how to get to your family, and one way they do this is through the children.”

“…the children.”

Tactics uses the example of meetings held with your children without the knowledge or consent of you, the parents. These meetings are used to plant little seeds in the minds of your kids…if mommy and daddy don’t want to serve Jesus anymore, and you do, you will always have a ‘family’ here. Now, on the surface that seems innocent enough, but as Tactics states, this tactic is one of the most egregious and effective ones in the arsenal used by Bob Scott and his evil henchmen and women to divide, separate, and destroy families.

I want to also point out that in the cult of Calvary Temple, not serving Jesus anymore actually means that mom and dad have had their eyes opened, they now see CT for the cult that it is, and they are taking their family out of that place.

But because twisted Scriptures were used to manipulate the minds and hearts of these trusting and impressionable kids, this tactic, unfortunately, has succeeded in the cult of Calvary Temple time and time again.

Not only does it succeed, but until MY eyes were opened, I assisted in the tactic. I would say to my sons, “now if I ever backslide from serving Jesus and no longer want to attend church [the Calvary Temple cult], what are you going to do?” And they always responded as they’d been taught, “we will continue to serve Jesus and attend Calvary Temple.” Sounds faultless, but oh so sinister…so dark and evil. All the while I thought that I was doing what I was supposed to do.

I want to shudder every single time I think about how innocently and yes, ignorantly, I was used to help destroy my family. Even after more than 10 years, these memories bring tears to my eyes.

Tactics closes using the following verse: ““John 3:20 says, “For everyone who does wicked things hates the light and does not come to the light, lest his works should be exposed.”

Tactics is correct. There is nothing about what Bob Scott does that is Light-filled. Nothing.

But – Jesus is exposing Bob Scott for the wolf that he is and has always been, and Calvary Temple for the dangerous and abusive cult that it is.

I will always end with a warning to everyone: stay far, Far, FAR away from Calvary Temple, Sterling, VA. It is a place of darkness, deception, and manipulation of children and adults alike. But as John 3:20 says, the evil works of Bob Scott and his cult are being exposed. BS doesn’t want them to be, but they are. One day soon, as Ezekiel 34 states, Jesus Himself is going to take this wolf out. I pray that today is the day.

#exposecalvarytemple #CalvaryTempleIsPureDarkness #GuardYourChildren #GuardYourFamily #StayAwayFromCalvaryTemple #Ezekiel34

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