Commit to Faithful Men Tactic (2/27/14)

Commit to Faithful Men


Yes, I heard Bob Scott “preach” this ad nausea over the almost 15 years that I attended Calvary Temple, but I really don’t recall him specifically aiming it towards the **Calvary Temple School. That’s right, I said **school.

I find this whole post intriguing. I honestly don’t understand what Tactics is saying. I mean, I understand it, but…

I don’t recollect Bob singling out the school. I don’t remember him excepting the adults, leaving them alone and free from harassment. What I do know is that Bob has no problem with intimidating, manipulating, and terrorizing anyone and everyone into compliance, not just women and children.

I also know that Bob does indeed, “like the best”. That’s obvious in his lifestyle and the words that come out of his blasphemous mouth – his jewelry, his clothing, the cars he drives, the vacations he takes. Oh yes, Bob has stated from his bully pulpit that he only does, “First Class”.


And this part about Bob’s goal to have a **school “full of the brightest, most talented, best looking, and obedient kids”… again – that was and still is what Bob Scott desires for every aspect of his cult. He has always wanted the world to see what he’s accomplished…a huge and perfect “church” so that HE can take all of the credit…and of course, everyone’s money.

This bit about the school and using this “false advertising” as a lure to bring more parents with kids to Calvary Temple, in my humble opinion, is simply not true. Calvary Temple is a very closed cult. Calvary Temple does not advertise. Only member’s kids are permitted to attend Calvary Temple school. As I’ve said in previous posts, the ONLY reason why CT now offers “free” community events is so Bob’s cult can maintain its 501(c)(3) status AND so that Bob can play games with the IRS.

Now don’t get me wrong. Bob Scott is arrogant and very full of himself, and that spirit of elitism permeates throughout the cult and the school, tarnishing any hope of anyone taking Bob or his cult seriously. Of course, there are exceptions, but talk to anyone in the Sterling community and they will tell you that a) Calvary Temple is a cult, or b) that something isn’t right about that place.

I don’t mean to seem like I am blasting Tactics. I believe that this post, for the most part, is accurate; however, I do believe that it is somewhat misleading. I hope that I have helped to clarify certain points with this post.

As always, we continue to warn everyone about Calvary Temple, Sterling, VA. This place is not safe. It is a known abusive cult currently under an active investigation by the LCSO for child sexual abuse. Please, do a Google search. Read the news reports. View the blogs and videos. Keep your family safe and stay far away from Triple Seven Rd.

** (this is perhaps the topic for another post, but Bob would have you believe that CT does not have a school. Of course, the answer for this is greed. He likes to hide that little fact so that he doesn’t have to comply with Virginia state regulations for schools. Isn’t he a fine piece of work?)

But God!

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