New Guests Speak

Today’s Guests Speak post comes from an unlikely source, Kristina Kuzmic. Known for her parenting videos, many will recognize her as the “Truth Bomb Mom”. Kristina has made a name for herself as a creative, yet unpretentious parent, as well as a world-renowned motivational speaker/comedian. What many people don’t know, like many women, men, and far too many children, is that she was a victim of a sexual assault…and she didn’t come forward.

I Didn’t Tell

There are far too many victims of sexual predators, and many more who never speak of what happened to them, let alone go to the police. These abuses are usually a case of “she said; he said”, making the path toward conviction a difficult one – difficult, but not impossible.

I post this because of the Calvary Temple Cult (CTC) and the Loudoun County Sheriff Office (LCSO) *investigation of this place for child sexual abuse. Victims have come forward, but, as we saw with Bill Cosby, the more voices, the more powerful the case against these disgusting perpetrators.

Bill Cosby, while he didn’t quite make it to prison where he belongs, his life, like his victims’ lives, will never be the same.

There are men, AND women within the CTC compound who should be in prison.

If you are reading this, and you are a victim of sexual abuse or a sexual assault, especially a CTC victim, please contact LCSO. Tell them what happened to you. They will believe you. I believe you. God believes you.

*The investigations regarding allegations of sexual and physical abuse at CT are still active and the process takes time. There are still victims of physical and sexual abuse that have not been able to come forward for one reason or another. Abuse can make a person deal with fear, among a host of other issues (depression, PTSD, shame, anxiety, denial). If you haven’t come forward yet and would like to do so, the number to call for abuse not of a sexual nature is 703-777-1021, and the number for the juvenile sexual crimes unit is 703-777-0475. LCSO is fully aware of the emotional concerns with this case and are willing to come to individuals that may want to speak up. There is NO pressure to speak up and counseling is available for victims.If you are a victim, an eye witness or someone with evidence please call the police. Thank you for speaking out against the injustices you or others have suffered and for your patience in this matter.

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