Love of God (5/18/2014)

While the actual substance of this Tactics May 18, 2014 post is brief, the truth of its contents packs a huge wallop.

Love of God

Tactics compares the “Love” Chapter of the Bible, 1 Corinthians 13, with the “love” found within Calvary Temple. Tactics also speaks of the brainwashing that starts early in a child’s school career at Calvary Temple. Disguised as “Discipleship Training”, the Calvary Temple School not only metes out harsh discipline, but teaches the kids that this abuse is “love”.

Although I could certainly add to this, Tactics does a pretty good job in explaining just how Bob Scott and his cult displays love, “What does Calvary Temple’s “love of God” look like? It puts children on the streets to fend for themselves, puts wives in motels and keeps them away from their children, tells husbands to divorce wives in order to attend the church, tells kids not to trust their parents, etc…”

I especially appreciate how Tactics demonstrates the successful shutting down of any questions or complaints: “Purposefully blurring the lines of truth. Most of us dare not question or we will get the old refrain “do you know more than all the years of combined pastoral wisdom represented here?””

I remember hearing this trite drivel myself while watching arrogant and Pharisaical members of the Bob Scott Mob during a frequent ‘Panel Discussion’. Panel discussions are a very successful tactic that BS uses to a) reinforce his teachings and further brainwash the Bobites, b) to ridicule anyone who dares ask a question that BS doesn’t like, and c) self-aggrandize himself and his staff by bragging on the hundreds of years of supposed wisdom, and the imaginary purported thousands of hours poured into each CT soul.

All of it bunk. Lies. Evil. Propaganda at its best; brainwashing and abuse at its worst.

Calvary Temple is an abusive cult. Bob Scott is a predator and an arrogant charlatan. Please stay far away from this place. Keep your family, your wife, your husband, your children, your friends and relatives safe. Do a Google search. Read the countless articles and personal accounts of families hurt, abused, and destroyed by this place.

Finally, I would like everyone to remember that even though these early Tactics were written more than three years ago, nothing has changed. If anything, Bob Scott’s tactics and abuses have gotten worse.

That’s why I still speak out. That’s why others still speak out.

This must end.

#exposecalvarytemple #TheAbuseIsReal #TheLiesAreReal #TheOnlyFalseIsBobScottAndHisCult #StayFarAway #KeepYourFamilySafe #ButGod #IPrayThatTodayIsTheDay #Ezekiel34

One thought on “Love of God (5/18/2014)

  1. In regard to his panel discussions, you are so right how he successfully uses them to cement his control. He creates a show of strength and agreement among the “leadership”. “See, we all have this incredible knowledge and we all agree with one another. So if you disagree with us, you are the one with the problem.” So only the very brave or the very stupid dare to raise their hand and disagree. Yes, Michelle, I have to agree that things have gotten worse – much worse.

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