Children of This World Are Wiser Than Children of Light (7/6/2014)

I know. I’ve said this before. But, I honestly don’t remember reading this Tactic’s post from July 6, 2014. In the end, it doesn’t really matter when I read it, the truth of the matter is that Tactics writes the truth about Calvary Temple – yesterday, today, and tomorrow (if necessary). If a person really reads what Tactics writes – the words that Tactics uses – that person should be made ill; sickened to know that such evil resides in a supposed “church”.

Children of This World Are Wiser Than Children of Light

While these early posts from Tactics, most of the time, do not require a lot of comment from me, for this one I wanted to read Biblical commentaries from known scholars or teachers (both of which Wolf Bob Scott is not). From everything that I read, Chapter 16 from the Book of Luke laid down some heavy Truths from Jesus. For the sake of brevity, I chose portions from Dr. Thomas Constable’s Expository Notes on the specific verses cited by Tactics:

Verse 9

Jesus next explained the application of the parable for His disciples. They should spend their money to make friends who would welcome them into the kingdom and heaven when the disciples died. In other words, disciples should sacrifice their money to bring others to faith in Jesus and so secure a warm reception into heaven. Jesus pictured the converts as dying before the disciples and welcoming them into heaven when the disciples arrived. Disciples should use our money to lead people to Jesus Christ. We should not consume it all on ourselves or pass it all on to our heirs or hoard it, but invest it in “the Lord”s work.

The word “mammon” is a transliteration of the Aramaic word mamon meaning “what one trusts” and therefore “wealth.” “Mammon of unrighteousness” means worldly or material wealth, wealth associated with unrighteous living contrasted with heavenly treasure (cf. Luke 12:21). The phrase does not mean wealth acquired by dishonest means. “When money fails” is another way of saying “when you die.” Money no longer supports a person after he or she dies. Even though money will fail us when we die, those whom we have led to salvation will not die. They will welcome us into eternal, in contrast to temporal, dwellings. Thus Jesus contrasted the temporary nature of money with the eternal value of saved lives.

“A foolish person lives only for the present and uses personal wealth only for the present. A wise person considers the future and uses personal wealth to reap benefits in the future …” [Note: Pentecost, The Parables . . ., p110.]

The reason Jesus taught this lesson appears to have been the Pharisees” money-grabbing reputation (cf.Luke 16:14Luke 20:47). This should not characterize His disciples.

Verses 10-12

Trustworthiness does not depend on the amount for which one is responsible but on character (cf. 1 Timothy 3:5). Faithfulness in the use of money now demonstrates a trustworthy character that God will reward with responsibility for greater riches in the kingdom. Unfaithfulness does not just demonstrate untrustworthiness but unrighteousness. By using the word “mammon” Jesus probably intended the disciples to include all the worldly things in which people trust, not just money. These would include one”s time and talents as well as his or her treasure. If disciples squander what God has entrusted to their care on the earth, who will give them their own things to manage in heaven, such as authority over others in the kingdom (cf. 1 Corinthians 9:17)? The rhetorical question answers itself. God will not.

Verse 14-15

Jesus rebuked His critics for their hypocrisy. They were able to explain their covetous practices to the Jews to their own satisfaction. Probably they reasoned that any wealth that they could accumulate was a sign of God”s blessing on them. This was a common misinterpretation of the law in Jesus” day, as it is in ours. Their ostentatious display when giving alms may have been part of this hypocrisy too (cf. Matthew 6:2-4), but God was their real Judges , and He knew their greedy hearts (cf. 1 Samuel 16:71 Chronicles 28:9Psalm 7:10).

What many people esteem highly is the pursuit of money. That is detestable to God because it is idolatry. It robs people of their future, and it insults God who alone is worthy of our supreme devotion. Jesus illustrated this point with the parable of the rich man and Lazarus that follows ( Luke 16:19-31). The Pharisees” values were wrong. What really mattered and what they should have concentrated on was the kingdom and God’s Word. (

(please note: color emphasis added by me)

If you took the time to read Dr. Constable’s comments, you should be able to acknowledge that what Tactics has to say about what goes on in Calvary Temple is not good. In fact, it’s very very very bad, especially from an eternal perspective…don’t you think?

Tactics says:

Pastor for years has taught that we are not as wise as unsaved people in the areas of money and legal issues. This justifies using any means to outwit the government, the legal system, heck, even our own family members.

If they have what we (i.e. pastor) want, then anything (and everything) is justifiable.

We can lie, be secretive of our activities, hang out with bad dudes, be unethical, steal, be ruthless, suck up to the wealthy, spy on those who have left Calvary, defame, destroy, etc. The ways and means of doing evil is limitless…

…In other words, we are taught to take what we want by foul or fair means, all the while exhibiting a calm and self-possessed demeanor of a hardened criminal (uh, I mean Christian). Please, no remorse, no excuses, just get the dirty deed done per Pastor.

(again, please note: color emphasis added by me)

So…there you have it, folks. I could most likely add a few more items to Tactics’ list of devious acts perpetrated by Wolf Bob Scott and Company, but I think that you get the idea. At lease I pray that you do.

(Please know that God isn’t saying that money is evil…the Bible says that it is the love of money that is the root of all evil (1 Timothy 6:10). The question Jesus is asking in Luke 16 is, what are you doing with it [with anything, really…] from a heavenly home perspective? And mark my words, Wolf Bob Scott definitely loves his money (and his prestige, and his gold jewelry, and his cars, and his “prestige” (that surely gets you into heaven, right?), and on, and on, and on…). And he isn’t giving it to the poor or needy, believe me. In fact, he doesn’t even acknowledge the poor or needy. If necessary, please read again Tactics words posted above.)


This is not a game to me. I am dead serious in my trying to warn you, warn everyone to stay clear of Calvary Temple located in Sterling, VA. It is a dangerous, authoritative, abusive, and quite frankly, dishonest and very selfish place run by a very selfish, dishonest (liar), and narcissistic predator who only wants one thing: your money.


Until this place is no more, please warn everyone you know. Stand on that wall and shout out the alarm. STAY AWAY FROM CALVARY TEMPLE. If you value your life, your family, your soul, your eternal heavenly home…STAY AWAY from this CULT.


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