The Great and Powerful Oz (7/12/2014)

The Wizard of Oz…a classic childhood favorite of millions. Ironically, while still attending this cult, I play the Cowardly Lion in an adapted skit when I was part of the Young Adults group.

In this post, Tactics is very expansive, giving a great deal of information for any non-CTer to follow and grasp the concept that something isn’t quite right in Oz, er…Calvarytempleland.

The Great and Powerful Oz

I think that I will copy and comment section by section.


“Just follow the yellow brick road…do you recall how the Wizard of Oz had people shaking in terror as he bellowed out his messages (smoke and mirrors)? There is some concern lest self-righteous individuals think all those Calvary weirdos get what they deserve. Consider Dorothy and her faithful companions were ignorant of being duped – they revered the great Oz – and so it is in the land of Calvary Temple.”


I know that the Holy Spirit speaks to every Calvary Temple attendee, but because the enemy of our soul has used Bob Scott, the wolf and proverbial Wizard of Oz, to manipulate Scripture to brainwash unsuspecting CT members, Tactics is correct – Bobites do not question (if they know what’s good for them), and they certainly don’t peak behind the curtain.

I can relate. It wasn’t until I allowed the Holy Spirit to lift off the scales that covered my blind eyes, to unplug my deaf ears, and melt the ice-cold stone that had become my heart, that I finally recognized the false shepherd behind that curtain that had manipulated my life to the point where my family was destroyed. Unlike the nice ending in the movie, my family no longer had a home to click our heels to go back to.

I will add that I appreciate Tactics trying to explain the lack of action by “those Calvary weirdos.” Brainwashed and deceived people do not realize that they are brainwashed and deceived. If they did, they would leave that cult in droves; hence the definition of brainwashed and deceived. And before anyone says that they would never fall for Bob Scott’s seductive treachery, I pray that you never do…but CT is filled with highly intelligent, productive, and successful people. If you believe that you are different than those good people…then you are already deceived.


“Here we have a group of fifty-somethings who came to Pastor Scott in his heyday. But unlike faithful Toto, they never ventured to pull aside the curtain and see the man behind. Largely loyal and willingly passive, the greatest sin they have is allowing a man to teach their children and young adults secretly to do evil deeds (without asking any questions). How many parents sit in on our youth groups or young adult groups? They have given up the right to parent, unfortunately, to one who is unworthy to be in the same room as children. Blind obedience is a killer.”


First of all, Bob Scott is a child molester and predator, and should be locked up, and he should certainly NEVER be around anyone under the age of…oh let’s say…21. But I do bristle a little bit at Tactics proclamation that CT parents have given up their right to parent. I mean, I understand what Tactics is saying. If you are a member of the cult of Calvary Temple, and a parent, Bob Scott’s edicts about you and your children, how you handle circumstances and situations concerning your kids, are all handed down by Bob. You either do it, or there are certainly dire consequences…always.

Yet, I will venture to say that every parent across the US, especially with children in the public-school systems…don’t they do the same thing? How many kids are being taught unmentionable and unthinkable things from preschool all the way through college. Talk about brainwashing! In some regards, folks outside of CT are in their own particular brainwashing cult. Let that one sink in for a minute.


“However, the Cowardly Lion, Straw Man, and Tin Man, finally stood up to the great Oz – it’s just about time that the men and women of Calvary do the same.”


And finally, Tactics is speaking to the members of Calvary Temple. I will assume from this last sentence that Tactics knows that there are people inside this cult who realize that they are not in Kansas anymore, and that the man behind the curtain, orchestrating their lives and the lives of their children, is a lying fraud; a fake.

I am part of a strong and brave group who are, “the Cowardly Lions, Straw Men and Women, and Tin Men and Women” – exCTers and faithful friends – who have “stood up to the great Oz.” We did listen to the Holy Spirit, and we pulled that curtain all the way back to expose Bob Scott for the Wolf that he is. And we’ve been trying to warn the entire world for over ten years!

Tactics implores the men and women of Calvary to pull back that curtain. I will do the same:

Members of Calvary Temple, especially those of you who KNOW who and what Bob Scott is, it time for you to say, “ENOUGH! Bob Scott, you are a predatory wolf and you will not destroy my family. We care more about Jesus and His Word than we do about you and your lies. We are out of here!”

Oh…if only someone in that cult would do just that.


#exposecalvarytemple #TheManBehindTheCurtain #IsABigFatFake #BeALion #BeTheScarecrow #BeTheTinMan #StandUpForYourFamily #StandUpForJesus #ItIsTime #ForSuchATimeAsThis #Ezekiel34

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