Guests Speak

You may or may not know that I am in the middle of a move from one state to another. While there hasn’t been much time to write a new MCTTBC blog post, I do have a moment to post the most recent write-up from Leaving Calvary Temple.

As we know, Calvary Temple located in Sterling, VA is a religious, authoritative, and abusive cult. Members are accused of child sexual assault and abuse. In addition, Calvary Temple cult leader Star “Bob” Scott continues to “teach” false doctrine – manipulating members to cast out children into the street – separate and divide families, and so much more, as I’ve written about right here on my blog.

But, as disgusting and awful as all of these things are, I can’t help but feel that Bob Scott’s twisting of Scripture to “back-up” his behavior, is perhaps the most egregious.

As you will read in Leaving Calvary Temple’s latest blog post, Bob Scott thinks nothing of “adding to or subtracting from Scripture” to get what he wants.

Make no mistake, Bob – you will stand for every action and every word. And as I’ve said before, I would sure hate to be you on that day.

#exposecalvarytemple #BobScottIsAWolf #BobScottManipulates #AndTwistsScripture #WoeToYouBob #ForSuchATimeAsThis #Ezekiel34

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