Woe to Evil Doers (4/9/15)

I remember exactly how I felt when I FINALLY got around to watching the movie, The Hunger Games. I believe that I sat in the comfort of my living room with my mouth wide open for most of the movie. I continued with the trilogy (it was one of the “Hunger Games Marathon” weekends) devouring the words, listening carefully to the dialogue. Seeing the extreme calculative manipulation from leadership; the corrupt, selfish, and authoritative oversight of the people of “Panem”, a fictitious utopian country created in the mind of author, Suzanne Collins (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Suzanne_Collins).

Watching the clip as actor Donald Sutherland’s character, President Snow, delivers one of his many addresses to the Panem population, I listened carefully to his words. To sum up his speech, he is simply saying, “Do as we say, do as you are told, and everything will be alright. Go against us, and there will be consequences.”

Which brings me to Calvary Temple, a known abusive and authoritative cult located in Sterling, VA. Star Robert “Bob” Scott, could fit easily into President Snow’s role. After all, Bob Scott is already a manipulative and calculating autocratic leader over the people in his little cult. This is real life, mind you, NOT fiction. Do as Bob says – even though he emphatically claims that he never tells his congregants what to do – or there will be consequences.

Consequences that include, but are not limited to: shunning; separation; destruction of families; wives encouraged to divorce husbands; husbands encouraged to put out or divorce wives; put under-aged children out of the home in the dead of winter without anything but the clothes on their backs, forced to live in cars or in friends’ or teacher’s basements; congregants subjected to “sanctioned gossip” from Bob Scott’s sanctimonious pulpit; lied about and lied to; tell husbands to spank wives; control married couples’ sex lives; arranged marriages; and let’s never forget the allegations of child sexual abuse!

Yes, watching these fictitious movies reminded me over and over again of Bob Scott, the men and women who do his bidding, and the devastation and ruin that they have caused.

In the video that Tactics includes, President Snow hails his little kingdom, but I only heard Bob Scott’s voice saying:

Calvary Temple today. Calvary Temple tomorrow. Calvary Temple forever.

Truly disgusting. It’s important to remember that true churches and true men of God DO NOT conduct themselves this way. But it is also important to remember that God will reveal the actions of men and women who use the Word of God to justify their self-indulgent, self-important, narcissistic and downright evil actions.

Bob Scott will not get away with child sexual abuse. Kevin O’Connor will not get away with child sexual abuse. Other Calvary Temple members will not get away with abusing and sexually assaulting minors and children. None of these people will get away, “Scott Free” (pardon me, but pun intended).

Even if I never witness these monsters facing justice in the established court of law, I can be assured that they will all stand and be judged for every thought, every word, every action.

I know that I say this often, but it is the truth. Bob Scott, if you don’t repent of your twisting of God’s Word to satisfy your disgusting behavior, there will be eternal consequences. And I would sure hate to be you on Judgement Day.

Even Tactics knew this in the Woe to Evil Doers post from April 2015:

We have hardened our hearts. We have stiffened our necks. Laughing instead of weeping at the judgement of God. At the uncovering of wickedness in our midst. We have perverted the Word of the Lord. Let us turn at God’s reproof and humble ourselves. We are all like fattened cows of Bashan (Amos 4:1). Even in this our humiliation, God’s hand of mercy is extended, calling us to come and acknowledge our sins. He will forgive and cleanse us. God will not be mocked.

Tactics of Calvary Temple

No, Bob Scott. God will not be mocked.

The other day, there was a post from someone in a private Facebook group, asking for local recommendations to a good Christian, perhaps non-denomination church. This request received hundreds of responses saying that this place or that place was wonderful. I knew what I had to do. I had to warn her about Calvary Temple. I didn’t just warn her, I begged her to never set foot onto that God-forsaken property located on Triple Seven Rd in Sterling. Along with my warning, I posted the links to my VIP LINKS and VIP DOCS pages.

Folks, I guess it is good to ask for recommendations, but keep in mind, we all have something to say. This person was bombarded with people’s opinions that she would then have to sift through. However, research is vital. Conduct those Google searches. Typing “Calvary Temple” should yield all of the articles and blog sites. Or, simply look at my VIP LINKS and VIP DOCS pages. It truly is the most comprehensive source to Expose Calvary Temple.

Calvary Temple is NOT a safe place for anyone, especially families and children. Bob Scott tries to come off as a “Man of God” but he is a “Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing” looking only to kill and destroy. His track record attests to the carnage left in his wake.

Bob Scott. You are a menace.

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