February 14, 2014 Defamation of Women Tactic


Interestingly and ironically, Tactics posted this on Valentine’s Day. Twisted.

This Tactics outlines how Bob Scott and his Calvary Temple henchmen defame, and yes, destroy women – their character, their credit, their credibility, their lives – without thinking twice. This is a very harsh, sad, and evil tactic. And unfortunately, a very effective one.

I could tell you story after story of the women Bob Scott has maligned from his evil podium, or in the dark confines of those back-meeting rooms.

But, I have to first say this: my fellow standers and I have long theorized that Bob Scott hates women, starting with his own mother, and stems from himself suffering abuse as a child. Statistics do show that the abused often become abusers. Keep in mind that this is a theory, but I do believe, with all of my heart, that Bob Scott does indeed, hate women. As always, there are exceptions. He does like little girls, and wives that look like little girls, and of course, it seems as if he likes his daughter and his granddaughters, perhaps more than he should…

Yes, I know…sickening. All of it sickening.

I want to make perfectly clear that IF he was abused, that DOES NOT EVER EXCUSE HIM and what he does, has done, and continues to do…EVER.

But continuing with this Valentine’s Day Tactics Commentary, each point and example made by Tactics is true. All has happened at least once within the confines of Calvarytempleland, and unfortunately, has happened way too many times. Tactics didn’t go so far as to point out that women have also been put out of their homes, forced to live in a hotel room without any contact from spouse or children; Women who came into a Calvary Temple marriage with 100% of the assets, only to lose house, money, everything once the marriage fell apart.

Story after disgusting story…far too many stories and incidents of abuse, shaming, destruction. I am telling you, for such a small place, the sheer numbers over the decades is truly staggering. And we are just talking about what happens to the women in Calvary Temple! We haven’t even got started on what happens to the children, the families and friends outside of CT, the young adults, and yes, the men.

While Bob Scott hates women, he does not discriminate in his abuse…all are welcome to his narcissistic party.

Early Tactics is again gentle in his/her prodding and warning. This will change over the years of posting as more and more and more of Bob Scott’s evilness is revealed. But for this February 14, 2014, post Tactics issues this admonition to the women of CT: “Just a word to the wise women in our church who think it could never happen to them…yes it can.”


As always, Calvary Temple of Sterling, VA is no church, but a cult. Bob Scott is no pastor, but a ravenous, abusive wolf who thrills in hurting women. For your sake, for the sake of your family, stay far away from this place located on Triple Seven Rd.

#exposecalvarytemple #BobScottHatesWomen #BobScottTakesPleasureInDestroyingLives #ButGod #Ezekiel34

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