January 4, 2014 – Tactics’ Post re: Tactic #1 Intimidation


Anybody reading this third Tactics’ post should be thinking to themselves, “What the…!?!?” I mean, are you freaking kidding me?

Wait, let me get this straight. You’re a member of a “church” called Calvary Temple, Sterling, VA. As a member, you’ve been assigned a “deacon”. Now, mind you, the Cambridge dictionary simply defines the word deacon as, “…a church official or lower rank than a priest, or a church member who helps a minister.” (http://dictionary.cambridge.org/us/dictionary/english/deacon)

But in reading this installment of Tactics, it isn’t too difficult to see that the deacon becomes a gossip magnet to bring bully pulpit fodder to Wolf Bob Scott. This is a clear misuse of not only the position of deacon, but certainly of a pastor! A TRUE shepherd would NEVER exploit and use the information brought to him by a supposed “helper” who was entrusted this information by a sheep in need. (Think, “he who is without sin, cast the first stone…”)

This is; however, an extremely useful and effective tactic used by wolf Bob Scott and his henchmen; his so-called “helpers”. Imagine sitting in the congregation, confident that your deacon will indeed convey your problems or “issues” to “pastor” Scott, and through “prayer and sackcloth” will bring you help in the form of insight from God. You are satisfied that you are in safe hands.

And then, “BAM!”, you are shaken out of your safe place …you are hearing the circumstances of your situation being broadcast from the front of the room – not only broadcast, but Bob Scott is mocking you and scoffing…acting, well…not like a pastor! Of course, the names have been changed, not to protect the innocent, but to keep the congregation guessing just whom Bob Scott could be talking about!

Do you see just how good this tactic is in controlling and manipulating the masses? Not only is the subject mortified, scrambling in their mind, trying to figure out what they did wrong and just how will they be able to “make things right” in “pastor’s” eyes, but the congregation has now just been bullied (or abused…). Bullied (abused) how? By hearing the wretched sarcasm and judgement in Bob Scott’s voice…this tactic not only keeps the poor trusting sap, whose story Bob is using and manipulating, in check, but the evil wolf has now brought the entire listening audience (congregation) into further captivity, fearing that if they make a wrong move, they’ll be next… Bob Scott has effectively restrained the Calvary Temple-ites, and has now reserved them (and their trust) to be used in the future for control…errr, as examples…errr… to be used to to further bully and abuse…and intimidate, and control. This is an endless, cruel cycle.

Oh, Tactics…you were trying so hard in January 2014 to keep your new blog… well, respectful, for lack of a better word. You were, as nicely as you could, working to expose Bob Scott and, yes, his tactics. Using specific Scripture, you tried to give this wolf an out…if Paul knew “stuff” about the early Christians and didn’t “lord” it over them, why then does Bob Scott think that he can?

The answer? It’s the same now as it was back in 2014. He can’t. He shouldn’t. But he does. Why? Because Bob Scott is no Paul! He is a ravenous wolf! A dangerous, destructive individual who believes that he is above Paul, or perhaps even worse, he believes that he is “like the most High”…

So, folks…we’ve just got this thing started…it’s January 2014, and Tactics’ third post. Tactics, as I’ve said, is prolific. We’ve got a long way to go…

Until then, always remember that Calvary Temple is an abusive and destructive cult. Bob Scott is a manipulative and disastrous excuse for a man. Until we meet again, take a look at the below link if you would like more information on what a true Biblical deacon is supposed to be, not those poor excuses residing in that non-church Calvary Temple. Oh, and don’t worry, there is plenty more to come in “fleshing out” Calvary Temple “deacons”. http://www.crosswalk.com/church/pastors-or-leadership/the-role-of-the-deacon-1235697.html

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2 thoughts on “January 4, 2014 – Tactics’ Post re: Tactic #1 Intimidation

  1. Yes, the first time this happened to our family it was directed at my son Jonathan’s ability to fly small planes. So mocking and hurtful, I don’t beleive Jonathan flew after that awful service. The second was directed at our daughter Gretel who was expecting our first grandchild, I was so appalled that I approached our Deacon Walleed Zarou, he was white with shock. And apologized for pastor Scott. Said there must be some mistake. I asked for a meeting with him, to find out why he did that, but he refused to meet.


  2. Dear friend,

    As you know, my heart is continually broken over all of the abuse you and your family has suffered. I don’t know when this all happened that you speak of in your comment, but to read that Waleed Zarou was “white with shock” leads me to believe that this had to have happened quite a while ago. Because, unfortunately, I do not believe that Bob Scott’s henchman, Waleed Zarou would react the same today. He is firmly ensconced in this horrible cult and I can only imagine how he would respond to you today. And I shudder at the thought.

    You are a fellow warrior, and we will continue to stand and to speak the truth to Expose Calvary Temple.

    God Bless you, my dear friend.


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