New Guests Speak: MCTTBC’s Christmas Message to Bob Scott and the Calvary Temple Cult Written by a Standing Mother

Although I’ve been quiet lately on my own blog, Tactics has kept me very busy writing commentary on new December 2017 posts. Regardless, a fellow Stander and author of her very personal and poignant blog, “Dear Calvary Temple – Letters to My Children, Family, and Friends,” wrote this message to her kids and grand-kids on December 24, 2017:

Dear Calvary Temple – Letter to My Children & Grandchildren (December 24, 2017)

While others may stop speaking out when their families are reunited, Standers like myself have families that have been completely destroyed by Wolf Bob Scott. I will never have the luxury of “standing down” – my family, the family I knew before CT, is gone.

No, I will continue to speak out until God releases me.

But, that is not the real point of this post. I had thought about writing a Christmas message, but dear Molly’s Christmas Eve letter speaks volumes…

So, to all families who have finally been restored, Merry Christmas! My heart is so very happy for you! After all, you are all why I, and others, Stand; Speak Out.

To the families that are still torn apart, I still say, “Merry Christmas!” Because Jesus is ultimately why we do what we do. Jesus is the “Reason for the Season.”

And to everyone, I will continue to stand, to pray, to speak out; to watch and wait for my own family…

Merry Christmas! Perhaps 2018 will be THE year for “restoring what the locusts (Bob Scott) have consumed.”

But God!



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