Cast Out… (6/28/2014)

Put out. Shun. Ignore. Withhold. Deny. Separate. Divorce.

Cast Out…

It will never matter what word or terms Tactics uses, this destructive and hate-driven (as opposed to love-driven, as Wolf BS would have you believe) tool used by Bob Scott to control the Bobites, is perhaps the most effective tactic in Bob’s arsenal.

This isn’t new news. Anyone who is aware of Calvary Temple – friends, relatives, immediate family. Co-workers, a passing stranger in the grocery store – anyone and everyone knows about Calvary Temple. Everyone, whether they admit it or not, thinks that CT is a cult.

More specifically, everyone knows how Bob Scott dispenses control…er…”love”, and that is by “casting out”. Perhaps the better word is, “DESTROY.”

Or, why don’t we tell it like it is – Blackmail. Manipulation. A way for Bob Scott to get what he wants, and that is complete control. And, even more disgusting, he twists the Word of God to do it.


How, how, how does this man live with himself? HOW?

I mean, I treated my son badly for less than a week, and might I add, to get him to do what I (Bob Scott) wanted, and that was for him to return to Calvary Temple (see what I’m talking about?) and it still haunts me!

How can Bob Scott treat hundreds upon hundreds of people so badly, and sleep at night?

I will NEVER understand. EVER.

This is wrong on so many levels that it is sometimes difficult to even try to explain. How do you explain that Bob Scott uses, and gets away with using, this evil and manipulative tactic again and again, over and over. And the Bobites apparently are okay with this.

I wasn’t. How can they be?

As usual, I find myself sitting at my desk, writing this blog post, shaking my head.

But God.

Folks, this has got to stop! Remember, while this Tactics blog post was written in June of 2014, this evil treatment of people, this blackmail, this manipulation HAS NOT CEASED! That’s right! This tragic evilness is still going on!

Everyone, please…open your mouths. Spread the word about this place. Don’t let yet another child, person, family, or friend fall victim to this wolf. Calvary Temple is an authoritative, manipulative, and abusive cult. It is not a church, and it’s leader, Bob Scott is not a pastor, but a predatory monster. Love is not found in this place, and if you think that it is, trust me when I tell you that any so called “love” in Calvary Temple has strings attached.



#exposecalvarytemple #Its2018 #AndBobIsStillCastingOut #BobIsStillDestroyingLives #LongBeforeMe #LongBeforeTactics #ThisMustEnd #PleaseFather #ForSuchATimeAsThis #Ezekiel34

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