Lying for the Lord (8/19/14)

“Lying for the Lord.” Hmmmm…

Lying for the Lord

In this August 19, 2014 Tactics’ installment, Tactics – rightly so – states that Bob Scott is a liar. Not only is Bob Scott a liar, but because of his lies, he begets liars.

Tactics then comes to the [obvious] conclusion that Bob Scott believes that God is okay with his lies…literally a lifetime of them.

What do you think? Is God okay with lying?

From a Biblical perspective, we know that God hates liars (For a list of Scripture verses pertaining to how God feels about lying, see:

We, of course, know about the “bad” liars in the Bible: Lucifer, Ananias and Saphira. But we also know that many Godly Biblical folks…well, lied: Abraham, Jacob, Rahab, and Judith.

So, then…what about Bob Scott and his mountain of lies. Is God okay with Bob and his “bending of the truth?”

Some may find this a difficult question to answer, but I don’t.

God HATES Bob Scott’s lies, of that I have no doubt. Bob lies to cover his sorry behind over and over and over again. Not only that, but like all liars, he can’t keep his lies straight!

Truly, this is a great Tactics post. I appreciated the use of oxymorons, “institutionalized deception” and “pious deceiver.” The Colins Dictionary defines an oxymoron this way: “An oxymoron refers to a phrase that combines two opposite qualities or ideas and therefore seems impossible.” [emphasis added by me] (

Beside the Bible verses used in this Tactics post, I especially like and agree with this paragraph:

“Evidence establishes that when our pastor needs protection for himself or the ministry which he built, it was and is ok to “fib, deceive, distort, inflate, minimize, exaggerate, prevaricate, or lie.”

But, hold up for just one minute! “Protection?” Why, what on earth would Wolf Bob Scott and his cult kingdom need protection from? Could it be Local, State, and Federal authorities? Could it be that he needs to lie in order to guard his ill-gained riches? Or perhaps he has to cover up every instance of abuse, molestation, and destroying families up to and including putting minor children out into the streets in the middle of winter with nothing????

I know for a fact that Bob Scott lied about me and my fellow standers. I also know that he is still lying today, more than 10 years after I finally had the Holy Spirit open my eyes and awaken my heart, and I left that place.

Oh yes. Bob Scott is a liar.

And, I will paraphrase a well-known Scripture for you, Bob…You lie, you fry. (See Revelation 21:8)

The End.


As much as I hate what you’ve done to Jesus and His Word…as much as I abhor what you did to me and my family, and literally thousands of others…

I can never forget God and His Grace.

So, Bob, I have this to say to you. Bow the knee. Admit that you are the liar; say that “you are the man.” Stand in that bully pulpit of yours and SAY what you’ve done. REPENT, Bob. Ask for forgiveness from each and every person that you have hurt, molested, abused, lied to and about, and on and on and on…turn yourself into the authorities. There are consequences for what you’ve done.

…and I believe that you could still be saved from that Lake of Fire.

But until that day, you have blood on your hands. And you will stand and give an account.

To anyone and everyone reading this blog and these words, I beg of you…stay clear of Calvary Temple located in Sterling, VA. It is not a church, it is an abusive cult, and its leader, Bob Scott, is a manipulative cowardly liar. Please protect your children, your family, your friends, and yourself. There are many good churches in the Sterling area. Find one. DO NOT ENTER INTO CALVARY TEMPLE.

Lake of Fire

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