Guests Speak

May 21, 2018

Excellent Guests Speak post from the blog Leaving Calvary Temple:

Calvary Temple – No, You Are Not Free

Bob Scott would have everyone believe that he is the “be all, end all” with God regarding the path that the Holy Spirit leads you down. But the reality is, Bob Scott doesn’t want anyone to ever leave Calvary Temple. Why? Because of the “bottom line”…you leave, his personal pocketbook suffers.

In Calvarytempleland, it is never about anything other than Bob. It isn’t about Jesus. It certainly isn’t about the Word of God. And it will never be because he cares about the Bobites, Henchmen, Minions, or literally anyone in the world outside of the Calvary Temple Cult.

It always was, and always will be about Wolf Bob Scott.



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