Guests Speak

First of all, there are poor choices and bad decisions that human beings, including Christians, make. Believe me, I know. I’ve made far too many, with real consequences.

But this latest letter from Molly Fitch to Wolf Tony Wozniak has nothing to do with human error. This letter is directed to a man who deliberately, willingly, and methodically has followed the heinous direction of Head Wolf Bob Scott, perpetrating calculated and atrocious acts against countless people, most especially against Molly Fitch.

Letters to My Children and the Pastors of Calvary Temple Churches (May 21, 2018)

The world is a mess, for sure. But when supposed “pastors” work in concert to destroy lives and families, one would think that there is no hope.

But God.

If these wolves would only bow the knee. Repent. Go to each and every single person that they have wounded, molested, abused, raped, destroyed. Turn themselves into the authorities. Restore families. Restore children to parents. Restore parents to children.

Then, and only then, might these wicked awful men be spared on their day of reckoning.

However, I’m not holding my breath.

That’s why we continue to speak out. This must end. LCSO? Where are you in your investigation. Get these men off the streets. Get them out of the community. No matter where they are – be it in Sterling, VA; Crofton, MD; Kenya, Africa; Buffalo, NY – they are a blight. They are dangerous.

This isn’t simply human error or stupidity. This is evil.

And it has got to stop.



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