Resume’ of the Religious (9/29/14)

I know that not all of my readers will agree with me, but I’ve got to just say that the timing of the Lord is…well…perfect. There are just simply far too many instances that prove this to me, and those are just the ones that I’ve noticed. Coincidence, you say? Perhaps. But I kinda sorta don’t believe in coincidences…most of the time. Believing that God does have His eye on things – while allowing me/us free will to choose and make decisions – does so much for my weary stander’s heart. And I will always say, “Thank you, Jesus” – always.

Take today’s Tactics’, Resume’ of the Religious.

I just recently updated my own professional resume′ as I looked for a new work position here in South Carolina. On top of that, at the advice of my sage sister, I also updated my information on LinkedIn and became active on the site once again after more than three years following my retirement from the USPS/USPIS.

But, MY resume′ looks completely different than Bob Scott and his Calvary Temple Cult’s resume′. Take a look:

Steal — the hearts and lives of children, wives, husbands, as well as their money.

Kill — the relationships and the reputations of family members.

Destroy — your hope in the goodness, love, and mercy of God.

Devour — take all you have and are for themselves.


Perhaps ALL businesses, churches, parks, restaurants, etc., should provide a resume′.

To my ex-CTers, ask yourself this question: If you had read this resume′ for Calvary Temple BEFORE you went there, would you have gone? I would like to believe that I would not have.


But Bob Scott is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. He deliberately sets out to deceive. He presents his cult and his people as someplace safe for people; for families; for children. But he and his cult are the exact opposite.

My same warning applies more today than ever before. Do Not Enter the Cult of Calvary Temple in Sterling, VA. It is a known authoritative, manipulative, controlling, family-destroying cult. Bob Scott and members are under a three-plus year active investigation by the Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office for alleged CHILD SEXUAL ABUSE.

Oh. In case you are wondering, Calvary Temple’s resume′ can be found all over the internet with a simple single Google search. Or take a look at my VIP Links and VIP DOCS pages, both very comprehensive and complete.

Bottom line? I recommend that Bob Scott turn himself into the authorities.

Add that to your resume′, Bob.

#exposecalvarytemple #BobScottResume #ShouldReadTakenFromSatansHandbook #DoNotEnter #CalvaryTempleIsNOTSafe #ForYou #ForYourFamily #EspeciallyForYourChildren #ButGod #GodsTiming ForSuchATimeAsThis #Ezekiel34

Please be sure to read and share my warning posts about the upcoming “free” CTC sports and cheer camps. There are in both English and Spanish. CTC particularly targets the Hispanic communities of Loudoun County. Thank you.

Also, if you missed it, on Monday, June 25, 2018, The Washington Post posted an article online by freelance journalist Britt Peterson entitled, The Exiles: Former members say Calvary Temple in Virginia pressures people to abandon loved ones. What happens to those who leave?” The article was also published hardcopy in the July 1 Sunday newspaper, featured in The Washington Post Magazine. Be sure to read it. And share it.


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