Background Check (11/20/14)

Before I delve into this commentary, I want to be sure to thank everyone who took the time to protest CT’s “free” sports camps. I also must thank each person who shared the warning posts, both the English and Spanish versions. Every effort helps to keep our children safe. Please continue to #exposecalvarytemple.

This piece from Tactics, Background Check, is an important one. While every post from Tactics works toward exposing Calvary Temple for the cult it is, and Star “Bob” Scott as a false shepherd and abusive wolf, this post in particular, allows us to peek beneath the veneer.

As suggested, behind the well-kept grounds, and the spotless exterior, lie truths that Bob Scott and members of CT would rather the public — YOU, dear readers — not find out; would rather you not hear or see.

As in Tactics’ examples listed below, you can write all the glowing “testimonies” you want. You can sing praises of a supposed “healthy and safe” church. You can speak about miracles, relationships stronger than natural family, and bonds that can’t be broken.

But, in the end, truth is truth.

I am a firm believer that lies will always be exposed. Wolves will be revealed. Dogs can’t change their spots. And Bob Scott will always be trapped by his own words.

I agree with Tactics. Calvary Temple’s 2014 attempt at blogging, now pretty much defunct, was a “damage control/public relations gimmick” designed to counter the negative press generated about CT since 2008.

But, as revealed below, perhaps Bob should have thought just a little before choosing which Bobite to contribute their stories to social media. I mean, seriously. Look at the examples. How are you going to explain all of this, Bob?


Guess what. You can’t.

That’s why Calvary Temple is dying, why Calvary Temple is losing members, and why local community members drive by and laugh at your advertised “free” sports camps, movie nights, and car shows. They laugh, and they are disgusted. Disgusted that a supposed pastor, along with certain members, are still part of an active four-plus year investigation by the Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office (LCSO) into allegations of child sexual abuse, resulting in one arrest to date — yet, this place, Calvary Temple, still tries to act as if nothing has happened. They try to act like CT is “the best church in the area” and not an authoritative and abusive cult. They try to convince everyone that families thrive there instead of turn on one another; that they don’t bite, devour, demean, and decimate each other. Bob Scott and company are still trying to pull the wool over everyone’s eyes, acting like entire family units aren’t irreparably separated, harmed, and destroyed. They pretend that Bob Scott isn’t himself a pedophile. Go on. Ask him. He’ll just lie to your face like he’s been doing for over 40 years.


Shame on you, Bob Scott.

Your blog didn’t succeed. Your “free” events and the attendance of them will continue to stagnate. Your membership will continue to decline.

And YOU, Wolf Bob Scott, will lose your income. And, my hope is that one day you will lose your freedom, too. Lock him up.

Sorry, not sorry.

#exposecalvarytemple #FreeIsNeverFree #GreatChoicesBob #CondemnedByYourOwnWords #OnceAPedophile #AlwaysAPedophile #AskHim #LockHimUp #ForSuchATimeAsThis #Ezekiel34

*Tactics’ post:

Some recent posts on our official church-sanctioned blog promoting the ministry of Calvary Temple (i.e. Pastor Scott) are just damage control/public relations gimmicks.

First, any one of us can quote a decent sermon from 100 legitimate sources. Second, what is the background/biography of these writers? Blogger/Stooge #1 put his wife out of our church for 8 months to break her of sin, has cut off all four of his children. Blogger/Stooge #2 has put away her father, her mother, her sister, and her small nephew to break them on Pastor’s orders. Blogger/Stooge #3 left her husband because he wanted to leave our church and he questioned leadership. He wanted her to leave with him, she refused on pastor’s orders and has refused to allow him access to his little daughters.

*The video Tactics included is no longer available on YouTube. Don’t know what it was, but in the end, it doesn’t matter.

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