I AM (01/30/15)

I had this whole post planned. I certainly had something to say about the fact that Bob Scott’s arrogance, greed, and complete disregard for Calvary Temple members’ safety, or the safety of the community surrounding that place, kept his cult open for business, as usual, this past Sunday, March 22, 2020:

Calvary Temple Continues to Gather after President Trump Calls for Social Distancing

Despite the World Health Organization’s (WHO) declaration of a world pandemic; President Trump’s early and decisive actions that were taken to protect this country and its citizens; people self-quarantining and social distancing; The Center for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) recommendations; state and local governments moving forward to quickly stop the threat of sickness resulting in the spread of the Corona Virus, now known as COVID-19; businesses and social gatherings making the resolve to close or postpone including major companies and corporations, schools, colleges, gyms, salons, and yes – local churches – all making the practical, difficult, and logical resolution to CLOSE for at least 15 days or longer.

But, NO. Bob Scott and Calvary Temple Bobites gathered together this past Sunday. Yes, Bob. Why not spread germs and infection among each other. Then what happens, huh? CT members leave and act “normal” – as if nothing is happening around them – going to the grocery stores, pharmacies, or who knows where else? Arrogantly out and about living like they own Sterling?

And what will you do, Bob? I really don’t have to guess. I already know. You’ll take your money from the collection plates and go hole up in your already paid-for-house while your members can’t go to work. They can’t earn the money they need to pay their own bills. But you will still require them to put what little money they have into your pocket at least three times per week?

Yeah, I had a post all planned out.

But Tactics post from January 30, 2015, I AM, I believe, will say it all. Tactics opens with the following video:


…and then says this:

He will be glorified Pastor Scott. You will not be. You have heaped up to yourself disciples and praises and riches. They will testify against you on that day. When the true King returns, and will condemn you. You live in wantonness. You eat and drink with the drunken. You beat your maids and men servants. You say you do all this for Him – but you blaspheme that worthy Name. Repent while there is still time. Turn from your wicked ways and live. For why will you die oh man? The Lord has no pleasure in the death of the wicked. With your mouth you draw near him – but your heart is far from him. Weep and howl pastors of Calvary Temple – or your miseries which shall come upon you. For when He calls, you would not turn. You continued to worship your leader and set him above God. Stop and consider – behold He comes quickly. To reveal the hidden things and turn the darkness to light.

(Be sure to watch the video. It is as powerful as Tactics’ words.)

Bob Scott, your day of reckoning is coming. Your arrogance, selfishness, wantonness, and evilness will end. When? Today couldn’t be soon enough.

My final thoughts, as always, are for the Sterling community and beyond. Bob Scott and Calvary Temple, while seeming like a good person and a good place, are anything but. Looking for new people who will bring fresh money to Bob Scott’s personal bank account, is the only focus.

Please, never go to Calvary Temple. To its services, free events, free sports camps, and car shows. Don’t send your children to CT’s “non-school” or even its “non-school” basketball games.

COVID-19 will be conquered. I have no doubt.

My prayer is that Calvary Temple’s doors will be locked and shuttered, not only today but once and for all.

*Please note:

Bob Scott finally acquiesced and closed down. But why now? What did it take for him to finally do what he should have done at least one week ago? Did some authority figure knock on CT’s door to point out the obvious to him? Pressure him? Scott doesn’t care about the law or the local, state or federal authorities, so, what was it? We may never know.

But they are CLOSED. For now. That’s a start. That’s what matters.


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