New Guests Speak

September 27, 2017: I realize that calling someone a ‘liar’ is a very serious accusation. After all, how many of us have not lied – even a ‘little white one’. Be honest.

However, the majority of us do not call ourselves ‘pastor’, ‘shepherd’, ‘minister of the Gospel, ‘apostle’, ‘prophet’…you get the idea. No, when a supposed ‘man of God’ stands in a pulpit, time after time, for over 40 years now, and tells manipulative lie after lie…he gets called out, and Scripture stands behind this Exposing of Bob Scott and Calvary Temple.

As in the past, the blog Leaving Calvary Temple (LCT) has appeared on my Guests Speak page, with good reason. The following post generated  much attention, especially from the Wolf himself. Read on. What do YOU think?

Guests Speak

#exposecalvarytemple #Ezekiel34

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