Own It (5/9/2014)

Tactics’ post from May 9, 2014, as usual, isn’t very long:

“This is the way our pastors shift blame for the decisions they make regarding our lives here at Calvary. Nothing happens at our church except at our pastor’s directive. He shifts focus from himself by teaching the deacons, captains, and fathers to “own the decision”. Pastor says what he wants done then sends out the men to do his bidding, BUT they must say it is their decision, no referring back to the source (pastor). The alternative to “owning it” is to leave and be shipwrecked (i.e. obey pastor and cover for him or be shunned by the church). You need to know the buzzwords, they have a separate hidden meaning. A good question to ask is, “Why is pastor hiding behind his men?””

“Own It”

I really have no idea how long Bob Scott has been using this particular tactic. At first read, this may not seem like a big deal. I mean, after all, everyone makes their own decisions, right? True men and women of God always tell the truth and own up to their actions, or so I always thought. Or at least they do in ‘normal’ and ‘regular’ churches, as was my experience…that is, before CT. Churches don’t dictate what someone is required to do, or else… Or else, what?

Inside a place like Calvary Temple, a known abusive cult located in Sterling, VA, edicts and lies are bandied about as common place, day-to-day normal activity. No one bats an eyelash…that is, until you don’t do as you’re told. Oh…and leave Bob Scott’s name out of it, would you? No. Seriously. They mean it – ‘they’ being Bob Scott’s head men (and women). Or as I like to call them, Bob’s Henchmen or BS’s Mafia.

I know. I know. I am always so dramatic. Except that I am not.

I can think of many examples from my own personal story to share that will help to explain how this tactic works for Wolf Bob Scott.

First story: My youngest son, along with four other boys, midway through 10th grade, decided that he no longer wanted to attend Calvary Temple and go to Calvary Temple school. The edict from Wolf Bob Scott? Deuteronomy 21:18-21. Take rebellious sons to the gate and stone them to death. But according to Bob, since you can no longer “legally murder your children” you parents must “treat them as if they are dead. Your sons must ask before they do anything. Open the refrigerator door, any food they eat, no new clothes, etc.” Nothing. They are dead.

This behavior towards my son, had to be presented as my decision. God help me, I did do as directed, but for only a few days…I couldn’t bear to do it any longer. But, Bob Scott could not be named as the source of us parents deigning to treat our beloved children in this manner…we had to lay claim to all of it.

Second story: My then husband was not permitted to attend our oldest son’s high school graduation from Calvary Temple School. The reason? Although he was an active parent who loved our boys, attending every school or sports event, church programs, parent-teacher conferences, and on and on and on…because he did not attend church for regular services, the edict came down from Bob Scott that my son’s father was not allowed to attend his graduation.

I had to deliver the news to my devastated husband. The decision had to be given as mine.

That was the beginning of the end of my marriage, courtesy of Wolf Bob Scott.

Just writing these stories down makes my stomach sick and my heart hurt all over again, and it’s been well over ten years. How wrong. How terribly, terribly wrong of a supposed ‘man of God’ to be so unloving, so unChrist-like; to hand down such decisions that would ultimately destroy entire families. And take no blame, never owning up to any of it.

I am but one example. There are literally thousands of stories that could be shared from individuals, families, and entire family units; stories that span over 40 years.

Here’s the thing that you have to remember, and Bob Scott states this from his faux pulpit. He will say that “they [leadership] don’t tell us [CTC congregants] what to do”. But what they do not say is that there are negative consequences to you if you don’t do what they are telling you to do.

And why is this tactic so successful? Guess what? Every single person in CTC is watching. All of CT sees what happens to those who don’t obey Bob. Tactics already made clear the consequences: No obedience means that you are now done – both in the Calvary Temple Cult, and without. If you stay you are put on ‘visitor status’, shunned, looked down upon, disgraced. If you leave, you are going to Hell. Period.

So, everyone, like good little Bobites, does what they are told. And they state that it is their decision.

Or else.

As usual, I am sitting here shaking my head.

This MUST end.

Folks, Calvary Temple is a dangerous, destructive place. Please keep your family safe and stay far, Far, FAR away. Do a Google search. Read the blogs. Read our stories. Know that several members of Calvary Temple are the subject of an active investigation conducted by the Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office (LSCO) into alleged child sexual abuse. Please, please listen. Do not set one foot onto this property. Please.

#exposecalvarytemple #ReadOurStories #DoAsBobScottSays #OrElse #CalvaryTempleIsADangerousPlace #BobScottIsALiar #DoAGoogleSearch #StayFarAway #ButGod #ForSuchATimeAsThis #Ezekiel34


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