#Expose Calvary Temple

Today is February 14, 2018. As an introduction for what I am going to share today, Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone. Yes? No? Maybe?

Don’t worry. This post isn’t about this made-up saccharine-sweet holiday. It’s about…

…you guessed it – Calvary Temple and our stand to Expose it for the destructive, abusive cult that it is.

I guess you could say that I am my own “Guests Speak” today…

What prompted this? A “memory” of mine popped up on Facebook yesterday – two years ago I had shared a blog installment from The Huffington Post. I felt that I should post the article and what I wrote in 2016, on MCTTBC as yet another reminder of why we stand against Calvary Temple, a known cult located in Sterling, VA, and why we work so diligently to expose Bob Scott for the lying wolf that he is.

Thank you all for following this blog, and for standing with us.

No, Thank You, I Don’t Want to Get Over My Divorce

A friend sent this to me yesterday. She said that the woman who wrote this piece reminded her of me. She wasn’t sure if I still felt this way, but she knew that I certainly felt this way in 2008 when she and I first met. After reading the piece, I went ahead and posted it on FB; coincidentally, a dear friend visited me yesterday, and right before she left, I shared with her nearly the exact same sentiment as this young lady. I hadn’t read the article until after she had left. After reading, and as I shared it, I didn’t say much, but what I read has stayed with me and I am compelled to elaborate more on why I feel the way I do. I am not writing this to get “likes” nor am I asking for sympathy or empathy. I am merely recording this for me.

Unlike this young woman, my husband and I both came from divorce. While neither of us had awful childhoods, in fact, probably the exact opposite, we did not come from intact families. Because of this, he and I were determined to not be another casualty of divorce, another statistic, if you will. But, things happen, and like her, and although many of you know the who’s, what’s, when’s, why’s, and how’s behind the demise of my marriage, I am not going to go into those details here, both out of respect for my ex, but especially for my grown sons and their loves.

What I do want to say is that I am like this woman…I do mourn the loss of my family. And while I have moved forward with my life, while he has remarried, while my heart is free to love again…I will never move on from not having my family intact…ever. Every holiday, every birthday, every special event…mornings, noons, and nights…I miss my family…

Everyone’s situations and circumstances are different. I am only speaking about me.

Which, of course, will always lead me to why I stand so strongly Against Calvary Temple, why I will continue to Expose Calvary Temple, and why I will never remain silent. The gratuitous, selfish, manipulative, disgusting methods and tactics used in that place to separate husbands from wives, children from parents, family members from family members, friends from friends, all for self-aggrandizement, riches, and power, must end. I pray that today is the day.

However, even if Bob Scott and Calvary Temple end today, my family is irrevocably gone forever. The innocence, the joy, the laughter of me, him, and the boys, can never be again. Do we make the best of this? Of course we do. Am I a happy, loving, caring person? I believe that I am.




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