What’s Wrong Little One? (8/21/18)

***Note to my readers: Today’s MCTTBC post is in real time. I debated back and forth with myself as to whether to post or not. As you know, I post my commentary on Tactics of Calvary Temple posts in the order in which they were written. However, due to the recent arrest of Calvary Temple former deacon Kevin O’Connor, Tactics’ almost 3-month long sabbatical, and another Tactics’ posting after midnight last night, I feel that it is important to post my commentary now rather than much later. No worries. When I chronologically get to 08/21, you’ll see this again…probably. Hopefully, Bob Scott will be in jail, CTC will be no more, and we can all stand down.

As always, thank you for reading!

While Tactics isn’t writing anything new today, the movie trailer perfectly illustrates several flawlessly crafted ‘tactics’ used by Wolf Star Robert Scott…every single day.

And it should make your heart cry.

What’s Wrong Little One?

While all of the destruction and mayhem is going on all around within the cult of Calvary Temple:

• Manipulation of the Word of God
• Idol worship
• DAILY required attendance to CTC activities that further undermine the family unit
• Wives separated from husbands
• Husbands separated from wives
• Constant untruths, lies, manipulations, gossip, accusations coming from a BS pulpit
• Seductions and abuses
• And on. And on. And on.

…while all of the chaos and confusion continues in the Calvary Temple Cult, Top Manipulator, Bob Scott, dangles his high dollar cars and race cars, his seemingly endless fancy vacations, his fancy watches and other jewelry, his young ‘hot’ wife, his ‘success’ from supposedly living a chaste and holy life ‘following Jesus’…

…Before you know it, he’s got YOUR kid paying attention to HIS finery, HIS edicts, HIS commands…worshiping at his feet…while YOU DIE. While you are maligned. While you are lied about. While you are separated from your children. While you are marked. While you are served No Trespassing summons. While you NEVER see your grandchildren. While you are thrown out of the cult. While you…

Sound about right, Bob? Isn’t that how you’ve done it for over 40 years? Lure everyone in with your big talk…you’ve always got something to say, don’t you?

And your words are not Words of Life like the Truth from Jesus. No, you serve another master, don’t you? You serve the Master of Self. You serve the ‘Father of Lies’. You LOVE gathering other people’s kids; to ‘train them up’ to idolize YOU.

You are a thief, Bob. You are a murderer. You are a liar, a slanderer, a molester, a rapist…and an idol to the Bobites.


What’s it going to take, Bob, for you to pay attention? LCSO has arrested one of your kind. You should have been the first one, but no worries…Jesus, whether you like it or not, is not only still on the throne, but He is rescuing His sheep. Did you get that, Bob? Everyone that you have destroyed, cast aside, separated, abused, molested…raped… They ALL belong to Jesus.

I believe that there is a nasty millstone waiting for you with your name on it.

You should never have touched them, Bob.

#exposecalvarytemple #BobHasAMilstone #WithHisNameOnIt #OneDown#MoreToGo #BobYouShouldHaveBeenFirst #FineShinyThings#StealsYourChildren #ButGod #JesusIsMovingBob#YouShouldNotHaveStolenFromJesus #ForSuchATimeAsThis #Ezekiel34

Calvary Temple deacon indicted on sexual abuse-related charges in Loudoun

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