Do I Look Like I am in a Cult to You? (6/13/2014)

Okay. I’ve had this June 13, 2014 Tactics blog post up on my computer for a few days now. I keep reading and re-reading it. You’ve got to remember that this post came out in June 2014, and I am writing my commentary to this piece in October 2017. I hadn’t discovered this blog at this point in 2014, yet I had been out of the Calvary Temple Cult since December 2007. I mean, I knew that CT was a cult – I had known this for a very long time by then – but I did not know that until a little while after leaving CT. In mid 2014, I didn’t think that anyone in CT realized that they were in a cult. Then, after finding the Tactics blog and catching up, I don’t truly remember my reaction to the title and its contents then, but I do remember my reaction to re-reading it to write my commentary now. And I was shocked to realize again, that not only did Tactics know that he/she was in a cult, but the Bobites knew too…yet they stayed…and they continue to stay. This still has the power to blow my mind. That is until I remember that this is a supernatural blindness and only God can open the eyes, ears, and hearts of the Calvarytemplelanders.

Here is my take, my commentary on this strange, but very revealing Tactics.

Do I Look Like I am in a Cult to You?

So, to start with, let’s pull this thing apart, shall we? Tactics begins:

“Have you heard this one before? [Do I Look Like I am in a Cult to You? Tactics’ obvious title for this piece.] Especially from rather new-to-Calvary folks. They are naive at best, stupid at worst. The old timers of Calvary know very well just how much our church is like a cult.”

First of all, Tactics is calling new Calvary Temple recruits stupid. Yet goes on to say that “the old timers of Calvary know very well just how much our church is like a cult.”

Here’s my thought: doesn’t that make ALL Calvary Temple attendees stupid?

Tactics zeros in on the real point of this post:

“Pastor uses the typical allurements of the world to deaden the intellect of those he is looking to grab:

1) Good looking people, especially youth/young adults
2) Well dressed
3) Athletic
4) Well mannered
5) Wealthy with a good job
6) Fancy houses and cars

The subtle message is this: LOOK AT ME!!! I am healthy, wealthy, and worldly wise! I MUST be Godly!”

Tactics hits the bulls-eye. The new recruits are duped into believing one of the oldest tricks in the religious huckster’s playbook: “Do what I say in your walk with God, and you will be well-off, never sick a day in your life, and heaven is in your future. Just look at me in my [cough] humility…look at this “church”. See how we love one another? Everyone looks so happy, so well-to-do. Now these are some godly people!”

But the sick reality is that this is all a ruse to get you in the door; get you hooked. The rest is child’s play to Wolf Bob Scott.

The bottom line is, Tactic’s six allurements are part of a cult’s tactics. At first look, Calvary Temple seems so prim and proper. The grounds and buildings are well-manicured and kept. The attendees are, on the surface, groomed, neat and clean; they are smilingly happy and friendly. There is a school for CT kids that runs from kindergarten to graduation creating the feeling of a safe haven for families. What’s not to love?

Until, that is, you become ensnared. Once a member, your life is no longer your own. Wolf Bob Scott and the Calvary Temple Cult own you, and you have yet to realize it. Just simply ask an established member a question – buck Bob’s system just once, and see what happens.

Yes, there is a time when you will wind up asking yourself, and your loved ones, “Do I Look Like I am in a Cult to You?”

But, beware…it’s a trick question, rhetorical in nature – One designed decades ago to keep the “doubters” and “haters” at bay.

The answer:

YES! You are in a cult. The End.

Folks, have no doubt. Calvary Temple located on Triple Seven Rd in Sterling, VA, is, indeed, an abusive cult. Never mind the pristine exterior. Trust me when I tell you, the inside is filled with horrors and dead men’s bones. Looks are deceiving and Calvary Temple is one huge deception cleverly manipulated and designed to entrap you, your children, your family. Stay…NO! RUN! As far away from this place as you can.

#exposecalvarytemple #YES #CalvaryTempleIsACult #TheOutsideWillDeceiveYou #DoNotVentureIn #YourLifeAndTheLifeOfYourFamilyIsInPeril #TrustMeThePerceptionOfGood #IsARuse #ButGod #Ezekiel34


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