Photoshop/Delusion (Defined) (02/28/2015)

Photoshopping. Everyone, it seems, has done it. Models, actors, artists, and everyday folk like you and me. We’ve erased wrinkles and cellulite. Changed the lighting or the “mood”. We’ve edited, cropped, filtered, erased, retouched, and montaged until our image is hardly recognizable. But, boy don’t we look good!

We are no longer happy with who we are. Well, maybe that’s too strong. I mean, why not make ourselves look better. Technology advances make it all possible.

So how do we tell the real from the unreal? Can we recognize our own selves anymore? Or has life become an illusion?

Or, maybe a delusion?

Tactics cleverly holds Bob Scott up as a prime example of “clever” deception. Read what Tactics has to say in this February 28, 2015 post:

Photoshop/Delusion (Defined)

A delusion is a belief held with strong conviction despite superior evidence to the contrary. Photoshop – transition verb – to alter an image…in a way that distorts reality (as for deliberately deceptive purposes). Pastor is ever-evolving his image. From football and sex to a paragon of husbandly virtue (per Greer). Media savvy and attention hungry, his portfolio consists of football starr to best youth pastor in California to TV/radio Christian superstarr to race car starr to car show huckstarr. Common denominator: he seeks the muted roar of adoration from young twenty/thirty-something groupies, riches and a new platform to propagate his false gospel = DELUSION. Meanwhile, the destroying goes on…another marriage in the process of dissolution. Another minor child being ripped from her parents. Our pastors instructing the child that she must leave her mother. Why? The mother refuses to attend our satellite, preferring a more godly church.


Well done, Tactics. I especially liked the use of the double rr’s to mimic a serpent’s slow, silent slitherring sound. Bob has perfected his ability to creep up on you, stretch out his ss’s and rr’s as he speaks. He uses this deceptive tactic to con you and lull you to sleep. Once in that deceived and deluded state, you never feel the bite of his fangs as they sink into your heart ultimately “killing” you.

Five years ago, Tactics reported further carnage citing, “…another marriage in the process of dissolution. Another minor child being ripped from her parents. Our pastors instructing the child that she must leave her mother. Why? The mother refuses to attend our satellite, preferring a more godly church.”

Sad, for sure. Disgusting, to say the least. But, this is a supposed church. This isn’t supposed to happen, is it? And these were only a few examples from only a month or two in the life of just one or two Calvary Temple members. Multiply that by the more than sixty years of Bob Starr Scott’s existence…I can cite case after case that read similar or worse than what is written in this Tactics’ post from February 2015.

This is the reality of Bob “Starr” Scott and his cult, Calvary Temple. You can’t make this up. Everything that Bob Scott boasts of about his life, is a lie. From his childhood to college life, to his supposed pro-football career, the miracles he brags about, his sexual prowess…all made up. All designed to manipulate and feed his ego and narcissism. Every story crafted and created with one purpose in mind: make Bob Scott rich while destroying everything that gets in his way.

Here’s the thing, Bob. You can’t photoshop Truth. And more importantly, you can’t fool God. The truth will always be revealed, just as it has in your case. You can try to gloss over your sins and misdeeds. You can order your Henchmen to photoshop your sins. For years you have stood in front of tens of thousands of people and have told a false narrative. You are still doing it. But. Sinister intentions can’t be hidden behind your trimmed goatee. You can’t fix ugly. Your mask has not only slipped, but it has been ripped off completely. You are a wolf. You are a serpent. And Jesus’ heel has been placed directly on your head.

The stone-cold fact is that Bob Scott is a liarr. You cannot believe a word that comes out of his mouth. Not one. Me and my fellow protesters and standers for Truth have been warning, protesting, and writing about Bob Scott’s destruction, his damaging twisting of the Truth, and his deceptions for over 10 years now. Everything we do – everything that I try to do with this blog – is done to warn anyone and everyone who will listen. I appreciate those who read my blog and share it with their friends and family. My only intent is to help others stay safe and not have their family and their lives shattered, too.


Calvary Temple is NOT a safe place for anyone or anything – certainly not families, and especially not for children. Calvary Temple has been under an active investigation by the Loudoun County Sherriff’s Office (LCSO) for years now that has yielded one arrest, to date. Please, if you know anything, you can call LCSO and you can do so anonymously. Pedophiles within Calvary Temple must be stopped. They must not be allowed to hurt anyone else ever again. They must be held accountable by the local authorities. Bob Scott is NOT above the law.

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