All Out War – #ExposeCalvaryTemple Podcast (6/6/21)

Good morning everyone!

A few things have happened since my last post. If you remember, I did a revisit and update to my Calvary Temple Testimony for the Wartburg Watch, and it caught some attention – One being the hosts of the podcast, All Out War, “a podcast that explores theology, culture, and politics.”

Turner Miles, a very down-to-earth Godly man and former pastor, reached out to me with the idea of shining a light on the Calvary Temple Cult through his podcast. I was definitely interested. After all, our little band of warriors have used just about every media platform possible to share our stories, and to stand for Jesus. Why not add a podcast?

After praying about it, I conducted my *very first podcast interview.

Before I share the link, and before I close, I want to share what’s in my heart. I’ve been working to #exposecalvarytemple for going on 14 years, but my passion for Jesus, for Truth, for the Word of God, to help keep people out of places like Calvary Temple, and for lives to be set free from the chains of authoritative bondage, has never waned.

I am still praying, and I am still standing.

So. Thank you for reading, AND for listening. Please share this blog post and podcast.

*(6/11/21) A few updates/corrections to the podcast – It’s been a long time since I spoke about these things all in one sitting, so I mispoke about a few things. Those updates/corrections will follow this statement. Being that it was my first sitting, I mentioned names that should have been left unmentioned. The podcast has been updated and those names are bleeted out. By trying to explain the evilness of Calvary Temple, I used examples of others’ stories that should have been left for them to tell. I did none of these things intentionally, nor did I do them to hurt anyone, but because I did, for that I am deeply sorry. I believe that God is ordering our steps and that He will use this podcast for His Work, and for His Glory:

  1. Greer Parker was 20 years old when she married Star Scott, a 55 year old.
  2. We do not have direct evidence that the girls Bob Scott molested in California and Virginia were paid to keep silent. We do know that they were coerced by fear, at the very least.
  3. The girls’ ages at the start of the molestation in California were nine and eleven, not six and eight.
  4. As far as children being put out of the house, the age of the child put out in the middle of the night in winter was 12, not eight. However, children as young as eight, and possibly even younger, were put out of the family and sent to live with relatives. They were not allowed to live with the family that attended Calvary Temple if they were considered rebelious.

I want to always be sure to be as accurate as possible. Bob Scott will take the Truth and turn and manipulate it. I don’t want to give him any more ammunition to use.

#109 – Calvary Temple Cult Survivor Testimony

As always, please do not forget that Calvary Temple is a know abusive cult in Sterling, VA, located on Triple Seven Rd. Members of this cult are still under an active investigation into child sexual abuse. Please. Do not go to that place. Do not go to their “free” events like their cheer and sports camps. Calvary Temple uses them as a recruiting tool to lure unsuspecting families into their lair.

Please stay away from Calvary Temple.

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