Monkey Business

God and His timing…what can I say? With the long-delayed trial of child molester Kevin O’Connor coming up on December 17, 2020, this Tactics’ post from April 9, 2015, couldn’t be better timed for a comment or two from me.

Monkey Business

Tactics writes:

Waiting. Praying. Hoping. For any sign of REMORSE.
Heavy-hearted. At our regroup/rethink/resurrection of PRIDE.

Our tactics in the face of Gods uncovering of our sins?
We will be: gentle, calm, disarmingly charming
We will be: vague, redirect,
We will: quote Scripture, plead the 5th
We will: appeal to your senses (do I look like I am…to you?)
(Notice: senses – not your good sense)
We will: admit nothing (don’t ask, don’t tell!)
We will: point you to your own sins
We will: answer your question with a question
We will always be: super friendly

Our playbook taken from the best the world has to offer, the Prince of Darkness.

Tactics of Calvary Temple

Tactics version of Calvary Temple 2015 vs 2020. Five years have made no difference whatsoever.

Do you notice that these supposed Christians who attend a supposed “church” called Calvary Temple, NEVER admit to wrong-doing, and especially NEVER admit that their “pastor” has committed pedophilia or child sexual abuse? Or that members of this grotesque place are pedophiles and sexual perverts?

Nope. No sir. Nothing to see here.

They know nothing. They hear nothing. They see nothing. They say nothing.

It doesn’t matter how many people are harmed by Bob Scott. Never mind the thousands of lives, and countless families harmed and forever destroyed by this supposed “man of God” – despite the numerous accounts and testimonies – the evidence, if you will, presented time and time again.

Never. Those Calvary Temple attendees will not budge off of their belief that Bob Scott is infallible. And even if he did sexually molest his young nieces in California; even if he, and others in his congregation, have sexually assaulted young girls who attend/attended Calvary Temple and/or it’s SCHOOL; even if he did (cough, cough) get caught in an extra-marital affair (which is a lie to cover his sexual penchant for young girls)…he’s asked for forgiveness, so, you know, “case closed,” say the Bobites.


Guess what, people. Child sexual abuse is a CRIME. He doesn’t get off “Scott Free.” EVER.

Go ahead. Keep burying your proverbial heads in the sand. That is, until one of YOUR children are harmed. Then what will you say? What will you do?

Go on. Keep putting that man up on a pedestal. God’s gonna knock him off. Mark my words.

Shame on you. Shame on all of you.

Even after Kevin O’Connor pleads whatever he’s going to on December 17 and is sentenced (That’s an admission of guilt, you get that, don’t you?), I am not going away. As long as Calvary Temple continues to remain open, and Bob Scott continues to lie and manipulate the Word of God, continues to threaten children and families, continues to try to lure unsuspecting people in to bring in more money for himself, I will continue to speak out.

And, guess what? If Kevin O’Connor doesn’t go to jail on the 17th, he’s going to be walking around Sterling, working in the area, just like he’s doing right now. That’s right. These pedophiles, perverts, and child molesters are walking around free. To threaten YOUR family! I hope to God that O’Connor will be required to, at the very least, be placed on the Sex Offender Register/Database.


Calvary Temple is dangerous. It is a danger to everyone. Dangerous to Sterling communities. Harmful and threatening to families. Calvary Temple and attendees are especially dangerous to children.

Please stay away from this place. Those of you who are aware of Calvary Temple and its history and track record, please continue to warn your friends and neighbors, continue to spread the word.

I hope for the day this its doors will close for good. But until then:

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