Let’s Start at the Beginning

*Please note that I will try to revise writing tense as grammar permits. (Updated 8/25/2018) http://thewartburgwatch.com/2015/04/13/how-calvary-temple-caused-my-family-to-break-apart-a-transparent-personal-testimony/ This is my story, published in April 2015, written for The Wartburg Watch, a blog created to "dissect Christian trends": How Calvary Temple Caused My Family to Break Apart Even now, after all these years, after leaving in December … Continue reading Let’s Start at the Beginning

It’s About Time!

For the past ten years my friends and I have diligently spoken out against a known spiritually abusive "church" located in Sterling, VA. In addition to countless newspaper articles, and television news reports, there are more than a few active blogs outlining specific tragedies brought to hundreds or more individuals and families. While I will … Continue reading It’s About Time!